Rudoph (above) has been Homeless for many years. Listen to his story in a live video interview. Click here.

Shiver Talk Blog

I have been Homeless more than 13 years in my lifetime. The longest period at one time was 6 years. And I spent much of my childhood Homeless as well.

I am chronically a Homeless Person. I never seem to escape it completely. I never am able to establish myself strong enough, financially, to provide sustained security for myself, as hard as I try. 

This blog, Shiver Talk is a candid view of my life, not only as a Homeless Person but how Homelessness affects me when I am not Homeless. Here in Shiver Talk, I will share how damage caused by Homelessness affects my emotions and changes the way I see and feel things. I share how Homelessness has changed the way I approach my life and how I process things that I come up against as I live my life. I share how Homelessness has changed seemingly simple things like personal hygiene,  as well as important things like diet and my very survival.

It is my belief that with knowledge about Homelessness, a connection with Homeless People can be formed and with that connection, there can be compassion and a far stronger desire to help Homeless People.

Jacob Folger, Founder

Friend to the Homeless

Shiver Talk Blog