A Ferret Loving Homeless Artist Gets A New Blanket:

"I had an experience recently where I was walking along Elizabeth Street in the city, when I spied a youngish man, (30s), leaning back against a building, with a writing pad, pencil and ruler in his hands. I was intrigued, so I stopped and sat down beside him. I said to him, "what are you up to bro"? It turned out, he was sketching a building across the road, while people in their thousands walked in front of him. To the side, I noticed he had a container with a handle on the top. I asked, "what's in there"? The answer? His 2 pet ferrets. I was overjoyed, I've gotta say. I only had one blanket left. (a pink one). He accepted it very gratefully, and I went on my way, feeling a million dollars." - Gav, Melbourne, Australia

This page, Love To Give, is my way of saying thanks to Steven Nesheim.‚Äč

Jacob Folger, Founder

Friend to the Homeless

See how others love giving care packages and needed items to our friends on the street.

Love To Give