Friend to the Homeless  was founded by and is fully funded and operated by formerly homeless people. For more information, support, mentoring and inspiration, contact us today.

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Jacob Folger

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An Activity Like No Other

Hello, I am Jacob Folger, Founder of Friend to the Homeless. Here on this site, I take my own experiences as a formerly Homeless Person to help others to discover the joy of care package giving.

When I was Homeless, I would have been so grateful had someone been thoughtful enough to give me such a thing as a Care Package. I never did receive anything like one in all the 13 years I was Homeless.

Once I got on my feet, I began giving care packages to my Homeless Brothers and Sisters. It is a good and wonderful activity for all those involved. I am so lucky to have come upon this gift. The gift of giving care packages to Homeless People.

For Individuals Who Want To Gift Care Packages

Even if you are just one individual, by yourself, you can create lovingly, hand packed care packages and gift them one at a time to Homeless People. It requires no special skills and you can even take our free online classes and learn everything you need to know.

Groups and Organizations Too

If you are part of any group, organization, church community or business where there a few or people who want to get involved, We can teach you, at no cost, how to start and operate a complete care package program

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Discover the Joy of Care Package Giving to Homeless People

We will help you every step of the way.