A Blues Harmonica Solo For Homeless People

This is a poem accompanied by a Blues harp solo

A Song About Homelessness

Inspired by Homelessness, with this song, I express how it left me feeling.

Homeless Cold In July

When you are Homeless, it is always cold outdoors.

So Alone and Homeless Blues

A fun and bouncy song with lyrics that will make you think...

Amazing Grace for the Homeless

This is my rendition of Amazing Grace. It got me through many a cold, hard night in the 13 years I was Homeless.

Find A Connection With Homeless People Through Homeless Singing

Listen to the Songs of Homeless People

If you have ever read my blog, Shiver Talk, you would know that even now that I have a home, I still feel like a Homeless Person and even sometimes, live like one.

On this page, I will be sharing some of my music with you. Music that moves me and music that I have written. There was a time when all I had, was my music.

Jacob Folger, Founder

Friend to the Homeless