"I like the rain as long as its not on me. And today it rained like the devil. I came back to my Homeless spot to find an umbrella leaning against the door. It is one of those giant sturdy ones. I would have to try hard to get wet while under it. Beside it on the floor was a bag full of comfort items, and even homemade soup. Tears, for a moment, pressed from behind my eyes."

"God bless you. Thank you."

A Homeless Person

Friend to the Homeless was founded and is fully funded and operated by formerly homeless people. For more information, support, mentoring and inspiration, contact us today.

Give more. Live more. Inspire more.

"Giving to Homeless People has always been a warm and inviting experience for me."

Jacob Folger, Founder

Friend To The Homeless

Keep it simple the first time. Give one piece of fruit or one sandwich, or give one care package made from things you already have around your home. It never has to be complicated to help a Homeless Person. 

Experience the gift of giving to Homeless People.

"Giving to Homeless People is little different than giving to anyone else. I think people can be afraid of the unknown. We suppose that Homeless People can be scary when in fact they are very much like ourselves. It is easier to approach Homeless People to offer assistance than most realize. The videos below explain and show how to approach a Homeless Person to give a gift of a comfort item or care package. Once you try it, you will be hooked. "

Jacob Folger

Formerly Homeless and Founder

Friend To The Homeless

Get past the giving barrier - How do I give to a Homeless Person?

Giving How To