Find A Connection With Homeless People

Learning about Homeless People through their own expressions can help people to gain compassion for their lives and what they go through.  Visit the Homeless Voices pages to experience Homeless People's lives in a new and different way. Come to know how they see and live their lives.

Friend to the Homeless was founded and is fully funded and operated by formerly homeless people. For more information, support, mentoring and inspiration, contact us today.

All About Care Package Giving

See our extensive "How To" online manual on starting and operating a Homeless Care Package Program. This is great for groups of all kinds, organizations, businesses or done on a smaller scale by individuals that want to lend a hand to our Homeless Friends on the street. Click here to go to the Care Package Manual Page.

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We Can Help

  • We can show you how easy it is to give Homeless People socks, care packages and even just your acknowledgement which can help Homeless People feel less invisible...

  • ​All of our training, manuals, mentoring and support is free - we are fully funded by formerly Homeless People

  • Visit our Face Time Page and See our Care Package Manual Page.

  • Contact us with any questions and if you need support. We are behind you all the way.

With thought provoking images, video, stories and more we help you connect with Homeless People bringing compassion and chance for change.

Home sweet Homelessness
Not warm to my heart
No familiar smells nor voices
No toasty hearth
No frosty windows 
To look out
But out in the chill 
I try not to look in.
For the pain, for the pain in my heart..

Am I Invisible?

Homeless People are so isolated and alone. Taking a little of your time to say hello and talk with them for a moment can be so valuable. Do it today. If you need any help getting started, contact me. - Jacob

Friend To The Homeless

Socks For Homeless People Fundraiser

When I was Homeless there were many discomforts and one of the worst was dirty socks. Its awful. My feet would sweat and my socks would be wet through and through. When I had a chance to take them off to let them dry, they would become hard as cardboard. So now that I have a home, I am inspired to do this fundraiser. The funds will go towards buying socks for Homeless People and distributing them to our friends on the street in the Washington DC area. Please help support this cause.