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Hygiene in general is very difficult for Homeless People. And foot care is often times near impossible. 

Beyond the comfort a Homeless Person will receive from getting a new pair of socks, clean and fresh socks will promote better foot hygiene as well as familiarity with their own feet and the condition of them.

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  • We can show you how easy it is to give Homeless People socks, care packages and even just your acknowledgement which can help Homeless People feel less invisible...
  • All of our training, manuals, mentoring and support is free - we are fully funded by formerly Homeless People
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All You Need To Know To Give Homeless People Socks

Step One

You will need fresh, clean socks, preferably new. Don't feel like you have to go "gung ho" all at once. You can simply start off with just one or two pairs of socks. You can get socks at the dollar store or department store. You can order them online. And you can give your own. The best type of socks that are the most economical are men's tube socks. I have found that Homeless Woman also prefer men's tube socks because they can layer them over other socks to keep their feet warmer.

Step Two

Giving socks to Homeless People is no different than giving anyone a gift. Just let them know that you have socks for them and they most will likely be very happy to receive them.  You might place a pair or two in a bag.  You can learn more about giving additional items and to create care packages on our care package page

Homeless People are usually more readily found close cities. If you are having trouble finding Homeless People, you might contact your local Homeless Outreach Program by looking in the phone book or online. You can also contact us for any guidance you may need.

Step Three

Here are some more ideas where you can help:

  • Begin a sock drive at your local place of worship, business, school, organization or anyplace people gather
  • Spread the word, "Give Homeless People socks." Use social media, an announcement on your website, hand out flyers, make a video, talk to people, use signs and so forth. If we can be a source for information, resources or inspiration, please contact us.

All About Care Package Giving

See our extensive "How To" online manual on starting and operating a Homeless Care Package Program. This is great for groups, organizations, places of worship and any group that wants to lend a hand to our Homeless Friends on the street. Click here to go to the Care Package Training Page.

Fresh, clean socks promotes foot care

awareness for Homeless People.

Friend to the Homeless was founded and is fully funded and operated by formerly homeless people. For more information, support, mentoring and inspiration, contact us today.

Image titled "Homeless Mirror" is by Friend to the Homeless Founder, Jacob Folger